Trade Credit and Financing Instruments


Trade credit is extensively used in both domestic and international commercial transactions. Although it clearly supports growth, its significance is even greater for developed countries, where the market has recovered remarkably since the global financial crisis. The number and heterogeneity of motivations to trade credit justify the variability observed in the data on global trading, and the role of trade credit has become crucial in supply chain coordination.
A range of diverse trade credit finance solutions are available and include products and services offered by financial intermediaries and market products, highlighting a very interesting set of intermediate solutions that have emerged as a result of new technologies utilized in financial services. For financiers trade credit is an attractive option, but an in-depth evaluation of the possibility of losses forms the basis of a deep understating of numerous sources that can create credit risk (default and dilution risk). This book offers managers a complete analysis of the various facets of commercial credit and presents an analysis of the various types of markets, instruments, and risks associated with trade credit in supply chains across the globe.


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Lucia Gibilaro

Lucia Gibilaro is associate professor in economics of financial intermediaries at the University of Bergamo and visiting professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business. She obtained her …

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December 13, 2018





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