The Supply Chain Revolution: Unlocking the Sustainable Profit Chain


Does your company suffer from inventory obesity? Is the balance between your supply and demand a constant struggle?

In The Supply Chain Revolution, Art Koch unveils a masterful system for any organization to build better supply chain fundamentals and overcome the evils of inventory. This is the ultimate playbook for CEOs, COOs, and CFOs to revolutionize supply chains and convert them from cost centers to profit and value drivers.

Turn your supply chain into a powerful weapon for sustainable profitability by unlocking the power of inventory velocity with innovative strategies for process optimization, team engagement, and corporate valuation. It’s not just good management—it’s a proven competitive advantage.

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Art Koch

Art Koch is a globally recognized supply chain transformation expert. With over three decades of transforming business performance at mid-market and Fortune 500 companies, Art’s insights into supply chain innovation and profitability improvement make him a sought-after consultant worldwide.

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June 13, 2024





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