Sustainability Delivered: Designing Socially and Environmentally Responsible Supply Chains


If you are a supply chain manager, entrepreneur, executive, or a stakeholder, this book will help you develop the awareness and skills needed to support sustainable supply chain management. The authors introduce the many ways that social and environmental responsibility can be integrated into supply chain management, from sustainable product and process design to programs and techniques that support product end-of-life management. The book begins with the initial stages of strategy and policy development, and continues with product design, purchasing, manufacturing, and delivery (logistics) in the supply chain. This is followed by product end-of-life programs and, finally, assessment and reporting systems. The authors include real-world examples and cases from some of the world’s leading companies in sustainable supply chain management. The examples range from small local companies to large multinational players to give a broad range of ideas to the reader. With case examples, workshops, and step-by-step instructions on how to create a sustainable supply chain, Sustainability Delivered is the most practical and usable book on the market that will help you and other business leaders to authentically pursue and deliver on sustainability ideals.

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Madeline Pullman

Madeline (Mellie) Pullman is the Willamette Industries Professor of Supply Chain Management at Portland State University. She earned her PhD in Business Administration, MBA, and MS in Mechanical Engin…

Margaret Sauter

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May 25, 2012





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