How Efficiency Changes the Game: Developing Lean Operations for Competitive Advantage


[On a] flight from Perth gave me the opportunity to read your book… Cover to Cover in one sitting. That tells me that you have nailed the delivery of practical advice in an easily digested format! There are few Business Development books that I can honestly say I have read with such engagement. Many still sit in my digital library half read. Great work. Richard Sheppy. Managing Director, Agrifac Australia
How Efficiency Changes the Game is a great read. It has been awhile since I have read something that I didn’t want to put down, and it has inspired me within my own business to improve and work harder on the business. Ray has really taken fundamentals of how to be more efficient and put a great spin on it. I really like the way he has included quotes from leaders and explained simply what they mean. — Jason Gow, My Builder Friend
Obtaining a competitive advantage in today’s business environment generally does not happen of its own accord. With the speed of global economic change, products to market, technology and customer preferences, organizations must light on their feet and be the drivers of change. Given that most businesses deal with the same buyers in defined markets who purchase similar products, gaining this competitive advantage is critical to both thriving and being leaders in their field. To do this, one must drive efficiencies throughout the entire organization while creating a significant point of difference. Yet, inefficiency continues to run rampant and can be found in the often-forgotten pockets of the organization, hampering efficacy at best, leading it out the door at worst.
How Efficiency Changes the Game: Developing Lean Operations for Competitive Advantage provides an insightful process for the executive, manager, and business owner, enabling them to discover inefficiencies where least expected, highlighting both the nature of the primary issues and then how to subsequently correct them. This book will assist in developing lean operations in areas such as leadership, marketing, strategy and planning, sales, time management, workflows, finances, and people.

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Ray Hodge

Ray Hodge works as a business advisor, speaker, and writer, helping organizations and their leaders dramatically improve efficiencies and gain competitive advantage. He has worked with small companies…

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May 10, 2021





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