The Strategic Management of Higher Education Institutions:Serving Students as Customers for Institutional Growth


If you are a professional interested in reorganizing or restructuring your higher education or postsecondary institutions, youll need this book. Inside, the author smartly examines the needs of learners in the 21st century, the rise of for-profit highereducation institutions, and the technological innovations impacting postsecondary education. Kazeroony provides examples of administrative processes and how to satisfy regulatory agencies standards to take advantage of a particular marketing niche for attracting students. He addresses the changing environment of higher education, the administrative structure, challenges, and the requirements for successful execution of start-up operations or changing strategies for existing institutions, as well as provides a summary of findings and additional recommendations.

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Hamid H. Kazeroony

Hamid H. Kazeroony received his doctorate of Management in organizational leadership and his MBA in Global Management from the University of Phoenix, his MA in Political Science from California State …

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January 13, 2012





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