The Sales Momentum Mindset: Igniting and Sustaining Sales Force Motivation


Unleash your sales potential with The Sales Momentum Mindset. This transformative guide is the key to unlocking sustainable sales force motivation by doing something radical: ignoring motivation. Crafted for sales professionals and managers alike, it offers a fresh perspective on sales performance, designed to ignite production and guide teams towards unprecedented growth.

Discover the power that comes from focusing on momentum instead of motivation, understand its impact on sales culture, and learn how to convert it into significant, lasting results. Gain insights into a new language and framework around momentum, presented in a down-to-earth narrative that will resonate with every level of sales experience.

Authored by a seasoned sales veteran, the book’s authentic stories and enlightening visuals reveal an innovative approach to sales performance management. Find what’s achievable when you step away from obsolete motivational approaches, and instead cultivate a Momentum Mindset.

No matter what you sell or your level of experience, The Sales Momentum Mindset is set to revolutionize your perception of sales and sales force management. Step into a new era of sales success. This is your manual for momentum-based sales transformation.

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Gregory S. Chambers

Gregory S. Chambers is an executive leader with decades of expertise driving growth and innovation. For over 10 years he has been consulting companies on embracing sales and marketing practices that fit, tailored to their unique cultures.

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November 8, 2023





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