Key Account Rock Stars: Raising Your Volume by Lowering Your Decibels


Key Account Rock Stars: Raising Your Volume by Lowering Your Decibels brings fresh new thoughts to the topic of Key Account Management.

This book reveals the secrets of how to successfully engage with customers and how to become organizationally savvy, plus practical tools for succeeding on the job. It is written for the practitioner and takes readers through the soft sides of the job, which is exactly what is needed to succeed and achieve career fulfillment.

Account managers must keep the relationship fresh, with creative ways to add value to the customers so customers remain genuinely satisfied with the relationship. Losing a customer will always be a burden on the individual Key Account Manager, whatever the reason for the loss.

Readers will

  • Gain awareness of what a good customer relationship looks like,
  • Learn tools to solve issues and improve ways of working,
  • And most importantly, learn how to succeed as a Key Account Manager

Remember, the importance of customer centricity is higher than ever. The decade long transition of the economy away from production towards services and the need to differentiate from the competition will certainly continue. A company today that fails to engage with the customers will not succeed; the era of making a good product and trusting it to sell itself is long gone.

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About the Author(s)

Marc Pettersson

Marc Pettersson´s career spans over two decades, from R&D to sales, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. His hands-on experience as a Key Account Manager served as the inspiration to write the book.

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May 9, 2024





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