The Olympic Sports Economy


Every two years, the Olympics wins world attention with contests and celebrations. The success story of the world’s most watched event, best recognized symbols, and most enduring brand has many valuable lessons for the business world. An entire constellation of talent and teams works behind the scenes to strengthen the Olympics and keep it relevant in a changing world.

Veteran sports business journalist and MBA Max Donner gives readers a useful guide to the key success factors that make the Olympics an exceptional institution.

The Olympic Sports Economy incorporates exclusive case studies and reports from sports management conferences to illustrate the most important business practices and trends of the Olympics today. The text also reports objectively about recent controversies and challenges, as well as ways that readers can explore constructive solutions.

The Olympic Sports Economy highlights the role the Olympics has played as a model for over six-hundred other international multi-sport competitions and introduces ideas from important trends in Olympic sports that can also benefit other organizations.


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Max Donner

Max Donner is a private equity investment analyst and widely published author of magazine features and interviews. He began his publishing career as a stock market columnist and followed reader…

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December 31, 2019





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