The Business of Music Management: How To Survive and Thrive in Today’s Music Industry


By far the best current guide to help you succeed in the music industry in 2021+. Great overview, especially the specific action steps at the end of each section. If you’re ambitious, read this and act on it now!—Derek Sivers, Founder, CD Baby

Tom’s book provides essential, practical and real-world strategies and advice that melds art with business that not only informs, but also inspires a level of confidence for readers to successfully manage their own artistic journey and career.–Sean P. Hagon, Associate Dean of Career Education and Services, Berklee College of Music

An incredible piece of work that blends a number of different disciplines including business, communication, psychology, leadership, interpersonal communication, sales, marketing, and more that all point toward the music industry and succeeding in it. Bravo.–Bobby Borg, Author of Business Basics for Musicians and Music Marketing for the DIY Musician

Tom Stein is a real shaman when it comes to the business of music. His knowledge is vast. He writes fluently and clearly, he is thorough yet organized, and you can’t stop reading him. Recommended, you need this book!–Ady Cohen, Film Composer, Professor, Speaker

Easy to digest book on how to make a living and find success in the music industry today.–Lauren Gehle, Berklee College of Music Student

This book highlights vital and accurate information about the music business, how musicians get paid, and the legal framework for business. Readers will learn to recognize and leverage opportunities through overcoming the inevitable obstacles to success in a rapidly changing industry as well as gain valuable insights into the niche they might fill with their career and discover their unique path to success. The goal of this book is to ensure the reader comes away with a greater understanding of the scope and demands of the music and entertainment industry.


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Tom Stein

Tom Stein is an international musician, a professor at Berklee College of Music, a cultural diplomat and music industry consultant. He is a member of the Fulbright Specialist Roster with the U….

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March 19, 2021





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