Ethical Leadership in Sport: What’s Your ENDgame?


This book is a practical guide on how to navigate the complexities of ethical leadership in sport, recognizing the increasing pressure placed on individuals and organizations in sport to be endless winners, role models, and good social citizens. Modern sport is under scrutiny in an era of weekly international headlines declaring its moral bankruptcy and looking to leaders for answers. Ethical traps and choices in sport will answer one of the most commonly asked question in sport of recent times – what is going wrong with the culture of sport? The demands and expectations of international athletes and sports organizations to be winners, role-models, good corporate citizens and social giants has never been greater, and yet every week there seems to be another headline that declares the moral bankruptcy of our much loved sporting icons. Many people involved in the leadership of sport find it to be an emotional, consuming, passionate and singular endeavor where it is possible to simply get used to the unthinking customs and habits that have long existed and been accepted. But sport is globalizing, professionalizing and is ever more visible to the communities we live in. This book is about putting the thinking back in to cultural customs and habits so that sports’ leaders can avoid the slippery slope toward big integrity problems. The goals of the book are three-fold: to highlight classic examples of ethical traps with engaging and approachable case studies, to assist sports’ leaders to navigate more confidently toward value-based choices, and to enable the reader to reduce the risk of ethical issues in their sports’ organizations and communities.


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Pippa Grange

Pippa Grange is a doctor of applied psychology and a graduate of the Vincent Fairfax fellowship program for ethics in leadership. Pippa is becoming a key person of influence in the sports’ culture and…

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April 10, 2014





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