The Language of Success: An Interpreter’s Entrepreneurial Journey


From the street smarts of a 15-year-old, rose a triumphant entrepreneur whose resilience and determination forged a path to success. The Language of Success is a story of survival, self-improvement, and accomplishment.

In these pages, the author walks us through her sometimes-tumultuous upbringing in a ‘milky-white’ town of little diversity, while striving to understand the bigger world around her. From leaving home at 15 and facing daily challenges of survival, to finding those paths to nontraditional education and opportunities. This unorthodox route into the world of business and later linguistics, showcases the opportunities and ‘go with your guts’ intuition, that often lead to places you never dreamed of.

The lessons learned through years of minimum wage jobs and struggle were later her building blocks for success. Over the course of two decades, she built her company, Empire Interpreting Service, into a leading Language Service Provider (LSP). Theresa bootstrapped her company and molded it into a respected, award-winning organization that has been cited as the ‘gold standard’ in its field.


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Theresa Slater

Theresa Slater is the President of Empire Interpreting Service, which she founded in 2003. A speaker, author and advisor to new entrepreneurs, her love for business is always driving her path.

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October 2, 2024





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