Negotiate Your Way to Success: Personal Guidelines to Boost Your Career with Confidence


The number eight is a special number. It is the symbol of infinity and harmony through the balance of the two interlocking loops. It is considered an allegory of self-confidence, success, inner wisdom, and financial abundance. Number eight means that you are on the right path to reaching your objectives.

I use a guideline as a metaphor for the line by which one is guided to assist the crossover from a difficult challenge to achieving ones’ goal. Negotiate Your Way to Success is my story line. The line I am passing to you to serve as a foundation for behavior that will deliver what you demand from your professional life and beyond.

Negotiation is both art and a science. A successful negotiation is a balancing act between strategy, tactics, and the right negotiation approach. However, it also relies on the ability to manage oneself. The best negotiation outcomes are the consequences of a coming together of moments and decisions that prove life-changing.

Negotiate Your Way to Success is a collection of pragmatic guidelines flowing from the situations that I experienced working with business professionals across the world. This book is a practical philosophy of personal achievement that I hope will inspire others. While career paths and aspirations may differ, certain professional dilemmas are universal. Bad decisions coupled with good reflections can oft en produce satisfactory outcomes.

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Kasia Jagodzinska

Prof. Dr. Kasia Jagodzinska combines an academic career with business practice. In her role of international negotiation expert, she mentors and trains executives from the biggest corporations …

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May 30, 2021





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