The Interconnected Individual: Seizing Opportunity in the Era of AI, Platforms, Apps, and Global Exchanges


Given the rapid technological, organizational, and structural changes that challenge conventional institutions and economies, what is the future of work? The authors propose a path to seize opportunity for the individual worker and entrepreneur, who can be newly interconnected and augmented by emerging technologies. Values-based individual career and business navigation can thrive and succeed; teams, groups, and networks can be enhanced with a new mode of innovation based on social conversation and connection rather than a commercial, hierarchical, and prescriptive process.
The authors provide visual models, case studies, and in- depth interviews with cutting-edge practitioners, who provide insights from real-world experience. The Interconnected Individual is intended to help business and professional executives and freelance workers to adopt an entrepreneurial mind-set, regardless of field, industry, or work role.


About the Author(s)

Jeff Saperstein

Jeff Saperstein’s professional background includes careers in advertising, nonprofit marketing and fund-raising, university teaching, writing, and coaching. He is a career transition coach, …

Hunter Hastings

Hunter Hastings has spent 40-years in global commerce, as an executive and a consultant. He has been prominent in several innovations in his primary field of brand building, including the application …

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June 15, 2018





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