The Future is Big: How Emerging Technologies are Transforming Industry and Societies


How To Benefit From Emerging Technologies

From the daggers and axes of the cavemen societies to today’s spacecraft, self-driving cars, metaverses, and AI-filled societies, technology has significantly emerged and brought about a massive transformation to our lives. The pace of this innovation has been particularly colossal in this industrial era, continuously disrupting our lives. Where will this imminent tech take us in the future?

This book will dissect how various aspects of our lives will be transformed in the years to come, with a particular focus on how to benefit from these emerging technologies. You will gain a 360 degree view by getting a historical perspective of technology because discussions about the future are seldom complete without history.

The ongoing debate on whether technology will replace our jobs is causing great panic. However, failure to catch up to technology is guaranteed to be catastrophic. This book will provide a freight of the latest tech-driven trends to equip everyone to face the future, like a one-time software upgrade.

Whether you are a student, a fresh graduate, a bewildered parent, or a tech enthusiast, this book offers everything you need to be ahead of the game. It will also help budding entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate professionals identify opportunities to incorporate the right tech into their businesses and be at the forefront of innovation.


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Uma Vanka

Uma Vanka is a seasoned leader in digital business transformation, specialized in transforming businesses and driving value through innovative deployment of technology…

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August 25, 2023





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