The Inscrutable Shopper: Consumer Resistance in Retail


The book highlights research undertaken by marketers, social researchers and anthropologists who have an interest in this field. Anti consumption is of relevance to practitioners and academics as it is important to understand consumer trends and values. The book has a particular relevance to professionals employed in marketing, retail and associated industries, who need to consider anti consumption as an influence on their target markets. The study of anti consumption can be seen as the ‘flip side’ to marketing which aims to understand promotion of consumption.

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Stella Minahan

Dr. Stella Minahan is an associate professor in the Graduate Business School at Deakin University (Australia). She teaches retail, consumer behavior, and entrepreneurship to MBA students. In her caree…

Sean Sands

Sean Sands is a Research Fellow at the Australian Centre for Retail Studies, a dedicated retail research center within the Department of Marketing at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Sean ha…

Carla Ferraro

Carla Ferraro is a Research Fellow at the Australian Centre for Retail Studies, and a visiting professor at EADA in Barcelona. She is currently undertaking her PhD looking at the customer experience a…

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September 6, 2011





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