The Inner Building Blocks: A Novel to Apply Lean-Agile and Design Thinking to Digital Transformation


Agile is the ability to quickly and naturally adapt to respond to changes. Most companies are inherently fragile and not agile – when they are hit by new developments, shifting consumer behavior or fast-moving competition, they struggle and even cease to exist!

Inner Building Blocks is a novel about Neil Frost, a Director of Digital Transformation and Agile Centre of Excellence at Walkers Mart. The company is already grappling with a failing transformation and on the verge of bankruptcy when COVID-19 strikes!

Sid, the Coach instils constructive discomfort through a series of probing questions to:

  • Rethink agility and reimagine the future of work with hybrid operating models.
  • Launch a series of experiments to reinvent the Building Blocks (e.g., strategy, talent, culture, structures, practices and digital technologies).
  • Discover twenty-six solutions to embrace lean-agile mindset for strategic agility.

Could the company survive amid the global pandemic and ensuing supply chain challenges?

A compelling storytelling approach and provocative dialogues provide relatable context to adopt the concepts. The principles and techniques are delicately camouflaged within the underlying characters, their conversations and situations.

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Abhishek Rai

Abhi Rai is a thought leader and a seasoned transformation coach. He is passionate about advancing lean thinking and agility to improve the world around us! He has trained more than 1500 pro…

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May 6, 2022





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