The Big Miss: How Organizations Overlook the Value of Emotions


What are the emotional and subconscious drivers behind your customers’ behavior? Do you have a science and data-based strategy to drive this in the direction you want?

In The Big Miss: How Businesses Overlook the Value of Emotions, Zhecho Dobrev reveals how organizations are frequently deceived by customers and fail to act on what they fail to noticethus are missing the biggest driver of profitable customer behavior! His extensive research shows that emotions are the key drivers of customer behavior, yet few organizations have a strategy to evoke specific emotions based on science and data. Does yours?

In this book, the author provides business leaders with a practical framework for how to embed emotions in their business practices, which includes learning how to:

  • Discover the difference between what customers say and do
  • Create a data-based strategy around specific emotions
  • Use customer science to future-proof your business and make the most out of Digital Transformation, Data, and AI

…and much more.

Behind every business problem, there is a customer problem! This book will change how you think about customer behavior and challenge you to harness the business power of emotions.

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Zhecho Dobrev

Zhecho Dobrev has devoted his career to the art and science of customer experience management. He is one of the leading principal consultants in Beyond Philosophy, whom the Financial Time…

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August 5, 2022





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