Marketing Strategy in Play: Questioning to Create Difference


The ideas presented in this book explain marketing thinking and how to cultivate it, and ultimately, the ways in which marketplace differences are created. Instead of offering marketing steps, processes, and models, the focus here is on developing the practitioner’s thinking rather than providing some formulaic series of steps, processes, and/or models based upon someone else’s thinking. This provocative perspective requires a deeper reading and thinking about many of the familiar notions found in marketing. For example, why compete? It is written for serious practitioners interested in breaking from the familiar ways of doing things and in search of unique approaches to stimulate their own thinking that is effective for any organization large or small.

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Mark E. Hill

Mark E. Hill is an Associate Professor of marketing at Montclair State University with more than 15 years of academic and professional experience. Dr. Hill has published numerous articles on subjects …

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June 24, 2010





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