The 8 Superpowers of Successful Entrepreneurs: From Zero to Hero: The Business Strategies Adopted by Global Icons


“A timely publication for a post COVID19 world and for the new greener and socially orientated entrepreneurs seeking to make an impact.” —Dr Dane Anderton, Alliance Manchester Business School, Manchester University
Many books have been written about the high-performance habits successful entrepreneurs adopt, from their daily meditation to how they lead their teams. For Marina Nicholas, her fascination was more about their entrepreneurial journey.
1. From Zero: When starting a business, what strategies did they adopt to overcome the odds?
2. To Hero: As a highly successful entrepreneur, how did they use their wealth to help
humanity and the planet?
After years of extensive research, Marina discovered that just eight strategies were adopted by billionaire entrepreneurs.
Whether you enjoy inspirational stories or seek to discover your superpower, the strategies and exercises in this book will help you. Each of the eight strategies is illustrated by real case studies. Over 25 case studies like these:
‧ A white trouser problem led to a billion-dollar empire
‧ The invention of a passionate surfer leads to sales of 35 million cameras
‧ A 7-year journey of poverty and rejection led to a $500 million franchise
‧ A happy tribe built a $1.2 billion company
‧ A monk builds a tribe of 35 million followers within 4 years
‧ A village visit resulted in 100 million pairs of shoes gifted


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Marina Nicholas

Marina Nicholas is a multi-award winning entrepreneur with a track record in helping companies identify and implement strategies to grow their business. Marina has spent over 25 years working with com…

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March 10, 2021





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