Strategic Organizational Alignment: Authority, Power, Results


“Organization development is a process of planned change. The process never goes exactly as planned, but we need guidance and a map nevertheless. Chris Crosby provides in three well-written and easy to understand books the required expertise regarding guidance and the way forward. The first book draws the big picture and explains the relevant and necessary guidance followed by the other two volumes that provide the complete package of tools to facilitate the intricate process covered in the initial book. Chris has the requisite experience and wisdom so greatly needed in this new century to lead and manage change. — W. Warner Burke, PhD, Edward L. Thorndike Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University Strategic Organizational Alignment is an important book that every leader should read. Rather than giving simple solutions or a fancy new model, Crosby recognizes that sustained performance is only achieved by diligent attention to the basics. He shows how challenging that is and then provides detailed actions that can truly align the organization. This is not for the faint-hearted, but for the leader who truly seeks excellence. —David L. Bradford, Emeritus at Stanford University, Graduate School of Business, the Eugene D. O’Kelly II Senior Lecturer in Leadership, and co-author of the bestselling book, Power Up: Transforming Organizations Through Shared Leadership. The book outlines critical principles I use to lead my organizations. It is effective, practical, and balanced. An important contribution to any leader, manager, or change agent. —Brian Bauerbach, President & CEO, Mold Rite Plastics Powerful, practical, and most importantly, what I did to help each business that I was in charge of to succeed! —John Nicol, Partner and General Manager, Microsoft Business results, major change, project initiatives can be achieved more easily than imagined. This book shows you how and points out the reasons why most excuses businesses make for inadequate implementations are wrong. Through stories, illustrations, and step-by-step guides, Crosby shows you a simple, profound, and repeatable way to ensure your business aligns its employees and has a clear path to success. This book will help you to learn how to focus your workplace on the dynamics critical to achieving greater productivity. Here are some important appendixes that the author wants you to be able to download in order to aid you in your learning. Included here, and only available on our website, are three extra SATA workplace examples and his OD Roots.

1. SATA Charting Scenarios
<SATA Scenario Expanding a Non-Profit.pdf>
<SATA Scenario Fundraising at a Church.pdf>
<SATA Scenario Implementing a Daily Floor Walk.pdf> <SATA Scenario Implementing Lean.pdf>
<SATA Scenario Leveraged Buying in a Corporation.pdf>
<SATA Scenario Maintenence to the Floor.pdf>
<SATA Scenario Software Development Integrated Billing.pdf>

2. SATA Assessments
<Sponsor Assessment.pdf>
<Target Assessment.pdf>
<Advocate Assessment.pdf>
<Change Agent Assessment.pdf>

3. My OD Roots
<OD Roots.pdf>


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Chris is an international consultant who helps organizations succeed by aligning people to measurable goals. His unique strategic engagement methods help leaders connect their whole organization to ov…

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