Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations: A Stakeholder Management Approach


Perhaps no industry today faces greater challenges than healthcare, and industry professionals are seeking novel solutions to the problems they encounter every day. Unfortunately, much of the conventional wisdom in business is based on theories developed in manufacturing organizations; however, running a healthcare organization like a factory can lead to dissatisfaction of some of the firm’s most important stakeholders, including patients, managers, and employees, and it may even lead to inefficiency! Stakeholder theory offers an alternative approach that directly addresses these and other problems in healthcare organizations. It is based on developing trusting and productive relationships with stakeholders that lead to high levels of value creation, as indicated by stakeholder satisfaction, innovation, efficiency, and growth. This practical book includes state-of-the art thinking on stakeholder theory and strategic management to encourage a broader and more enlightened view of management. It outlines a process that is applicable to all levels of a healthcare organization, including evaluation of trends in the external environment that need to be addressed, analysis of internal resources, generation and selection of innovative solutions to the problems a firm is facing, and development of an action plan and control system to ensure that solutions are implemented and successfully address the most pressing issues.

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Jeffrey S. Harrison

Jeffrey Harrison is a University Distinguished Educator and the W. David Robbins Chair of Strategic Management at the Robins School of Business, University of Richmond. His research on strategic manag…

Steven M. Thompson

Steven M. Thompson is an associate professor of management in the Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond. Steve received his PhD in operations and information management from the Univ…

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November 29, 2014





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