Leading Adaptive Teams in Healthcare Organizations


The objective of Leading Adaptive Teams in Healthcare Organizations is to provide special frameworks, models, and skills that can guide healthcare leaders as they engage their teams in navigating an increasingly complex and uncertain environment.
The emphasis here is squarely on teams and the leader’s role in leveraging collaborative group process to drive better patient outcomes. Because of the high level of complexity today’s healthcare organizations operate in, new frameworks and models are needed; this book is an attempt to contribute to this ongoing dialogue and body of knowledge.


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Kurt O'Brien

Kurt C. O’Brien is a senior lecturer with the University of Washington’s Department of Health Services Master in Healthcare administration (MHA) program where he teaches classes on group dynamics, or…

Christopher E. Johnson

Christopher E. Johnson, PhD, is professor and chair of the Department of Health Management and Systems Sciences at the University of Louisville. He is best known for work that seeks to understand how…

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November 7, 2017





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