Responsible Governance: International Perspectives For the New Era


Leaders must develop new governance models and capabilities if they are to successfully steer their communities through the whitewater rapids of the newly emerging era of social digital connectivity and global dynamic complexity. This new edited book deals with perspectives, debates and case studies illustrating the dynamic complexity of corporate governance in global business now and in future. These are pivotal matters with which leaders and stakeholders must become familiar if they are to be successful in the network age where there are indicators of ‘democratization’ trends, rising levels of ‘shareability’ amongst groups of ‘prosumers’, wider accessibility to information enabling greater scrutiny and accountability or regulation as well as greater surveillance at all organizational levels. With enhanced communication, there are other perceived shifts in political and economic power blocs. This new book indicates specifically how leaders may recognize, review, unlearn old or unhelpful ways of working, the better to reframe the vision and learn new ways to react to these new factors.


About the Author(s)

Tom Cockburn

Dr. Tom Cockburn is Director, Center Policy for the Center for Dynamic Leadership Models in Global Business. He co-authored the premier reference text “Dynamic Leadership Models for Global Business: E…

Khosro S. Jahdi

Dr. Khosro S. Jahdi, MBA, MPhil, PhD is a senior lecturer in marketing has been teaching for over for 25 years, he has published in a number of academic journals such as the Journal of Marketing Mana…

Edgar Wilson

Edgar Wilson is a Justice of the Peace with an MA in geography, a diploma in teaching and a diploma in management studies. He has extensive experience in management and governance with his present lea…

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January 21, 2015





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