Business and the Culture of Ethics


Most books about business ethics are not really about ethics at all. And most discussions about business ethics seem to revolve round regulatory compliance and vague notions of corporate social responsibility. This text will help students think about and debate genuine ethical dilemmas that face businesses. This is something that is most necessary if businesses really are to take responsible decisions.”—Philip Booth, Dean – Faculty of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences at St Mary’s University, Twickenham

Ethics are not the same as morals. They are contextual and apply to specific relationships. This book explores business ethics as applied in a modern context including data management, corporate social responsibility, media ethics and government ethics. Drawing on the work of philosophers, the work is nonetheless contemporary and practical.


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Quentin Langley

Quentin Langley teaches public relations, marketing, and journalism at the Fashion Institute of Technology and at Fordham University, both in Manhattan. He has previously taught at business and…

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September 22, 2020





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