Project Strategy and Strategic Portfolio Management: A Primer


The success of a project depends on how well it is implemented; and the success of its implementation depends on how well the project is planned. Few would dispute these truisms because they are the basic tenets of successful project management. Managing a project is an operation and these are the basic operational aspects of project management. They represent the traditional wisdom about projects and the methods used in managing them. Projects have become the de facto method of implementing business strategy and operations. As such, understanding how projects relate to business strategy and managing projects strategically is increasingly important to effective and efficient business management This book is designed as a short and concise treatise on how to go about doing that. The authors start by figuring out how the project relates to the rest of the business and environment and what separates it from other projects and functions. They go on to discuss how you can use principles of strategic management to better organize and manage the various projects you may be dealing with on a daily basis so that they are strategic in nature. In essence, this book details how to approach answering the important strategic questions in project management like–‘Why is the project being implemented? How does the project relate to the major strategic goals of the organization? How do we accomplish the performance goals for the project so that they help achieve the major strategic goals of the organization?’


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William H.A. Johnson

Dr. William H.A. Johnson is a tenured associate professor of management at the Black School of Business, Pennsylvania State University – Erie, The Behrend College. Professor Johnson received his PhD f…

Diane Parente

Dr. Diane H. Parente is the Breene professor of business and professor of management at the Sam and Irene Black School of Business at Pennsylvania State University – Erie, the Behrend Campus. She is p…

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June 10, 2013





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