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Most people have the skills needed to become a successful presenter, but they don’t use them. When they learn how to use these skills, they begin to enjoy the successful outcome of a focused, thoughtful, and informative presentation. This is the premise of author Tom Guggino’s career as a leading presentation coach. As a former stand-up comedian, Tom applies the secrets of communicating your passion, commitment, and unique personal style. He has developed The Presentation Process to make professionals, executives, and students become effective presenters who enjoy making a presentation that fulfills its promise. Tom Guggino shares his acclaimed knowledge as a premier practitioner of helping people bring out their talents to become a successful presenter. PRESENT! CONNECT! Combines a one -on-one conversational style with photos, cartoons, and case studies that can improve your presentation skills quickly. Get ready to tap into your skills and start having fun presenting.

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Tom Guggino

Tom Guggino is a presentation and communications coach at Jefferson University in the Doctor of Management in Strategic Leadership program. He has taught and lectured in the graduate programs at the U…

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March 9, 2020





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