Personal Effectiveness: Mastering Changing Environments


How may we consistently achieve effective, desirable outcomes and results, despite the current, incessant surge in organizational chaos?

ACCORD, a model comprising six essential elements that underpin personal effectiveness, is provided here to assist with developing those workplace attributes that drive sustainable success.

These elements encompass Agility, Confidence, Collaboration, Optimism, Resilience, and Determination. Drawing upon them, this book provides expert advice, tips, and tools for flourishing in the face of tumultuous times.

This book is for everyone engaged in evolving work environments, as well as HR and Organizational Development professionals, at all career levels.


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Lucia Strazzeri

Lucia Strazzeri has more than twenty years of experience in human resources and organizational development, facilitating success among work groups ranging from the shop floor through technical…

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November 2, 2023





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