Nice Guys Finish Last And Other Workplace Lies: Successfully Navigating the Modern Workplace


Today’s modern workplace can be an extremely challenging place. Virtually everyone has a story about an impossible boss, a difficult coworker, a challenging deadline, a toxic work environment, a lack of resources, an annoying new policy- leaving today’s worker in serious need of trusted advice to navigate the daily challenges they face.

Unfortunately, much of the advice circulating in today’s workplace is misleading and untrue, full of rarely challenged and generally accepted principles and “truths” that are actually false. Regrettably, well-meaning people often adopt these lies, myths, and misrepresentations and too often suffer the consequences of the poor advice that they convey.

Nice Guys Finish Last and Other Workplace Lies: Successfully Navigating the Modern Workplace meets this urgent need by serving as an essential resource for today’s worker. It directly identifies and exposes the lies, half-truths and misperceptions that cause havoc and disruption in the workplace, offering time-tested principles addressing workplace challenges and facilitating workplace success and advancement.

Written by an experienced NASA engineer with a long career of practical, hands-on experience leading technical teams on complex spaceflight missions, this book leverages years of experience to clearly identify the lies and mistruths prevalent in today’s workforce. Armed with a wealth of examples from his own challenging workplace experiences, each chapter identifies common workplace falsehoods and highlights key principles vital for workplace success.

Written in a straightforward, entertaining, and easy to digest manner, Nice Guys Finish Last and Other Workplace Lies dispels commonly accepted workplace myths and provides the reader with the benefits of a lifetime of practical workplace experiences without having to experience the “school of hard knocks” themselves.


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John Ruffa

During his career as a NASA engineer, John Ruffa led the technical development of multiple NASA spaceflight missions.

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November 1, 2024





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