Mastering Options: Effective and Profitable Strategies for Investors


Mastering Options: Effective and Profitable Strategies for Investors is essential reading for beginners to the world of options. It explains the essentials of option and hedging strategies that will empower you to earn attractive profits.

Primarily aimed at undergraduates and retail investors, it opens the door to a world of unlimited profits with limited risk. In concise language, augmented by relevant graphics, the key trading tools available to investors using online option trading platforms, are explained in detail.

Chapter by chapter, this book builds up a complete understanding of the essential building blocks of options investing, including covering key charting techniques using technical analysis tools.

Here’s what you learn from Mastering Options:

  • The characteristics of an option.
  • Types of options and common terms.
  • The underlying principles of options investing.
  • Insights into why you should invest in options.
  • Option strategies that consistently make profits whilst managing risk exposure.
  • Case studies illustrating each strategy.

This book exposes the myth that investing in financial options is an impenetrable mystery.

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Philip Cooper

Educated in the United Kingdom, Philip Cooper joined Citibank London before moving to Athens as a foreign exchange trader. He then spent time at Citibank’s MENA Training Centre in both Athens a…

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December 01, 2022





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