Mastering the Moneyed Mind, Volume III: Body and Mind–The Effects of Money Problems


This book, “Body and Mind: The Effects of Money Problems,” advances readers into an examination of the effect of money problems on the body and mind. This book presents research that supports solutions offered throughout the series to fix maladjustments of the mind, and develop a sound grasp of the mind-body connection to ensure there is an unbreakable bond at all levels. Readers are guided into a psychological examination of the overexcited mind of a gambler or bettor or broker/trader, as a way of demonstrating how difficult it is to stop the runaway feedback mechanism that the brain’s reward system often is. The reader is presented with the effects of the hyperactive mind and of Type A personalities who believe the hype about themselves—on the brain, on stress hormone levels, on the immune system, on the heart—with sleep deprivation and insomnia rounded up as the usual symptoms in the vicious cycle of never having enough. A comprehensive diagram that charts the parts of the body that can be affected by stress is presented with key strategies for managing stress. The book begins with an evocation of the relentless pace of many high-strung professionals, with little socialization or emotional relief, and much in the way of mood and personality disorders. Strategies for developing stress-free solutions for avoiding depression, in addition to detailed data that point to high recovery rates from depression offer readers practical, tangible tools for managing real life, money problems. Pointers on how to avoid The Triggers that Produce Multiple Wounds will play a critical role in helping readers to equip their Gyroscope to cope with stress. Among other helpful concepts, the book encourages reader to examine the ways in which “fear,” for example, is an effective way to battle unhealthy behavior that can lead to psychosomatic symptoms, and if unchecked, to disorders. Money-strewn professions, such as finance, are littered with those who want it all—many of them high-functioning addicts to stress, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, and the accumulation of money in its pure state. Book Three offers plenty of stories of excess, most of which, fortunately, include the, often, painful road back to balance and health. It closes with a meaningful invitation to the reader: Envision your Own Eden and the Good Life—words of encouragement to help them keep their eyes opened to considering how much money is enough.


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Christopher Bayer

Dr. Christopher Bayer is a licensed and certified clinical psychologist with more than 30 years of contributions to the field of psychology. He earned a Certificate of Specialization in Psychotherapy …

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June 19, 2020





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