Managerial Forensics


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Managerial forensics is the practice of gathering relevant corporate information for the purpose of analyzing and identifying reasons for managerial obstacles, mismanagement, bankruptcy, and corporate demise. This book assembles a cast of leading academic and business experts and shares their views on the best practices in corporate analysis. Following the notion that the past offers insights into the future, the book examines the maladies in contemporary business and offers strategies for corporate revival and turnaround.


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J. Mark Munoz

J. Mark Munoz is a professor of management at Millikin University and former visiting fellow at the School of Government at Harvard University. He is a recipient of several awards including four Best …

Diana Heeb Bivona

Diana Heeb Bivona is the owner of an international business and management consulting firm. Her focus is emerging and developing markets. Prior to starting her own business ten years ago, she worked i…

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November 17, 2015





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