Management in Islamic Countries: Principles and Practice


Up until now, much of the Islamic perspectives discussed and published center around understanding Islamic finance and banking. Given that Islam is an all-encompassing code of conduct and offers insight on all aspects of life, there is clearly a need for more all-encompassing academic content related to topics other than Islamic finance. The recent growth and interest in Islamic finance has left many business CEOs, students, and managers around the world without an inside view of Islamic management–until now. This book offers an Islamic perspective on business ethics, marketing, leadership, and human resource management, and the author explains it all with a true inside understanding. The author also includes insight into the Islamic religion and how that affects business and overall management. From a personal, firsthand experience and perspective, the author provides an authentic picture of Islamic management. This book includes models, exercises and examples, discussion questions, and study questions; and if you’re conducting research into this area, it includes references for additional readings.

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Umme Salma Mujtaba

Dr. Umme Salma Mujtaba is currently employed with Heriot Watt University where she is actively involved in both teaching and research. She is a fellow of Higher Education Academy, United Kingdom. In …

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January 31, 2014





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