Essential Concepts of Cross-Cultural Management: Building on What We All Share


You may recognize the statement on the back cover of so many textbooks concerning the global environment of commerce–‘to help you understand and appreciate the economic, political, and technological context in which international business operates.’ But this defined approach is tantamount to placing three wheels on a car and expecting it to drive smoothly. It cannot be operated without the balance that a fourth one provides, and that required wheel is culture. The author believes, in this modern era of globalization, managers venturing forth to engage alien societies must be armed with cross-cultural skills that go above and beyond the instructions of how to kiss, bow, or shake hands. This book provides a more concise, simple, and practical approach that cuts through the complicated cultural matrix. This book is divided into three sections. The first section explains how culture acts as the prime driver of our life–the filter of our senses and the guide of our values, hence the measurement barometer upon which all our decisions and behavior are constructed; the second section examines how cross-cultural determinants should function as a worthwhile tool in cross-cultural engagement proposing a two-step concentration; and the final section offers the practical application of specific techniques that will help you navigate the cross-cultural milieu and become a cultural detective.


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Lawrence A. Beer

Lawrence A. Beer (JD) St. Johns University joined the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University in 2002 as a faculty associate, attained Lecturer in 2003 and then Senior Lecturer in 2…

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June 22, 2012





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