Major in Happiness: Debunking the College Major Fallacies


Edmondson’s theories are accompanied by practical exercises that will be of value to students and their parents as they navigate a pathway through the complex interactions of study and work. He also points to two critical skills: team work and listening skills we expect and rarely teach. This book adds significantly to the debate about education and is a must read for incoming and exiting graduates and their parents.-John Christian, President/CEO, CAPA, The Global Education Network

As a career professional this is truly a thought provoking book. This book certainly puts majors in perspective and the importance of doing what you love. This is a must read for all parents of college bound students.-Cindy Szadokierski, Executive Director, The Edge Program, Randolph-Macon College

Using strong research blended with a practical, clear writing style, Dr. Edmondson provides perspective and advice that the current generation of students (and parents) desperately needs to hear.–Jeremy Osborn, PhD, Associate Professor of Communication, Cornerstone University

This book examines a variety of assumptions prevalent in the mental models of undergraduates, parents, educators, higher education leaders, administrators, and policymakers that cause people to fall into a series of mental traps when selecting a major.

Divided into three parts, this publication presents a situational analysis on choosing a college major, dissects the mental models and traps people rely on, and offers a variety of assessments that can help increase one’s self-awareness prior to declaring a major.


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Michael Edmondson

Dr. Michael Edmondson is the Associate Provost for Continued Learning at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Dr. Edmondson also teaches in the graduate program for Non-Profit Management at Drexel University’s Goodwin College of Professional Studies.

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December 29, 2015





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