Life of a Lifetime: Inspiration for Creating Your Extraordinary Life


I have read “Life of a Lifetime” and it made a great impression on me. The theme of the book is remarkably current. When one is experiencing the emotional difficulties that many youngsters and active adults are facing in today’s hectic and goal-obsessed world, a beacon of light is a welcome gift. Christoph’s book is this beacon of light. He discusses the kind of problems that are rife in today’s society and also offers a solution for each of those problems. The book is beautifully written, clear and concise. It’s a must-read if you’re dealing with psychological challenges or have existential questions. — Prof. Em. Herman Van der Wee. Leuven University

This book is designed to be a refreshing change from the vague rhetoric and over-complicated how-to s of the usual spiritual self-help book. Life of a Lifetime: Inspiration for Creating an Extraordinary Life makes complex mind-body-spirit concepts easy to understand and apply in your everyday life. It’s all about simple, practical ways to empower you to make changes and create your life of a lifetime. Concepts discussed include learning how to create everyday happiness, how to eliminate the turmoil in your life and how to discover your life purpose and what to do about it. Business Leaders with a strong interest in holistic personal development will find this book compelling to help restore work-life balance, realign their career with their life’s mission and values, and grow as a person in order to enhance their leadership skills.

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“A refreshing modern-day view on life, the soul, and connecting with one’s true purpose in this lifetime. For all walks of life, this book provides a useful, easily readable insight on the one true question: What is the meaning of life? This refreshing view on our full journey -from the inception of our soul birth to where we are heading- reframes thinking, provokes shifts in behaviour, attitude, and learning of life experiences to reapply for the greater good in both a personal and our professional outlook.”

“Life of a Lifetime by Christoph Spiessens is a clear guide to living your life as you intended, before you came to earth to have this experience.
Christoph explains how we start our spiritual journey of awareness and gratitude for the life we are living right now and how we can more clearly align with our soul’s purpose. By letting go of the need to control and direct our lives from the ego we allow our soul to get in the driver’s seat and life opens to us.
There are complex ideas in this book delivered with clarity and simplicity, the essence of which can drop into your consciousness and take effect. I was very glad for the chapter summaries which helped remind me what I had actually covered in the chapter I had read, because there is wisdom on every page. It is a case of much food for thought within each chapter.
Christoph kindly weaves his own journey through the pages so you can be sure he is speaking from his experience not from a platform of spiritual righteousness. This makes his wisdom authentic and accessible.
Do yourself a favour buy this book and read it slowly, gently and deeply – it will continue to reward you way after you close the book.”

“I have read many self help books enjoying most of them but sometimes forgetting the words of wisdom once the book is put away, this book is different. Having read Christoph’s last book ‘Connecting to Your Inner Light’I was eagerly awaiting the release of this one and I was not disappointed. Christoph has a very easy way with words that are written from the heart in an easy to read format. Right from page one I found that like his previous book I could not put it down. The book inspired me to achieve something that I had been considering for weeks on end but had not got the courage to go through with. The lightness I felt afterwards and the positive comments from friends who noticed my lighter attitude where a real bonus.
The book will steer you on to bring lightness, positivity and self worth into your life and keep it there! not an easy task at times but already I have put into action Chris’ advice for keeping calm in a tense situation and it worked! I found the advice I had read came back into my mind easily and helped the situation and myself so much.
It is amazing that this young man has so much wisdom as I would expect the knowledge and guidance he offers to come from someone much older than he is.
I have no hesitation in recomending this book to young and old alike and I am infact giving a copy to a few friends as presents. I would go as far as to say that every home should have a copy of this book!”

“I can not remember the last time I read a book in two days and felt completely overwhelmed when finished .
I am a very spiritual person and I have bought many books in the past only to be left in the middle of them completely disorientated and confused, asking myself 1000 of questions and wondering the meaning of it all .
Thanks to Christoph , I have now a clearer picture and I can relate to everything mentioned in his book . Christoph has a way to write which is beyond any expectations, it’s easy to read, easy to understand and it is very passionate .
I felt very emotional when reading certain content and I am thanking Christoph for sharing these moments with us . Thank you Christoph for sharing your gift and passion with us. I will encourage anyone to buy Christoph’s books, not only ” Life of a Lifetime ” but also ” Connecting to your Inner light.” Christoph’s book is a true inspiration – a wake up call to a wonderful path.”

“I downloaded a sample of this book to my Kindle and loved the easy way that it was written. I downloaded the full copy immediately and it hasn’t disappointed. Christoph writes gently and simply to a part of us that doesn’t always listen! He talks through his own experiences and, in doing so, helps guide us through our difficulties – all the usual suspects are here. There are practical hints, tips, and reminders, as well as new concepts and ideas, put forward for our consideration. For me, at just the right time, he gave me some calmness, support and space in a life that was full of stress and work. It’s been like having my own coach in my pocket – well, my handbag actually! I highly recommend it. Take some time out for you, and look at what you’re really doing with your life – you’re worth it.”

“Very positive, inspiring thoughts written in the most simply way. Full of interesting examples. This book will make you stop in the rush of everyday life and think how to make yourself and your life feel happy and extraordinary. Very highly recommended!”


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Christoph Spiessens

Director at Christoph Spiessens Coaching Solutions Ltd.

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June 11, 2017





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