Leaderocity: Leading at the Speed of Now


This book explores the intersections between leadership and velocity (the speed of now) to identify key leadership competencies needed for the 21st Century. We offer a set of ten competencies that may serve as a foundation of effective leadership that emerged from our experiences, interviews with 30 leaders, and research. These competencies may be especially timely in the midst of the global COVID-19 crisis and the need for effective leadership at all levels.
We can see both the critical need for these competencies as well as the stark contrasts in practice – those leaders who are rising to the moment and others whose lacking is disappointingly notable. We hope this book may enable leaders to establish their leadership brand and enhance their leadership practices.


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Richard Dool

Dr. Richard Dool is currently the Managing Director of Leaderocity, LLC. His consulting practice focuses on: leadership communication, strategic development and organizational renewal. After hi…

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January 19, 2021





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