Level-Up Leadership: Engaging Leaders for Success

Level Up Leadership is the first book with applied leadership development in one comprehensive read. Sharing knowledge gained by the author for over twenty-years, this book will change your way of thinking about leadership in a profound and advantageous way. How? The book is designed to train your mind to think and act as an authentic leader. Your professional demeanor will enhance as you master the six factors covered in this book.
There are a plethora of leadership competencies that can be mastered. However, this book focuses on six that every leader must master to be successful. In addition to the seven chapters, four complimentary case studies apply your knowledge and leadership competency. Engaging leaders for success begins with your own personal skill development. Aspiring leaders will learn to develop skills that followers are eager to learn. Do not waste another moment, buy this book and watch your skills increase exponentially. The additional resource materials are expansive.
Make this day be the day that you begin to earn the credential of executive leader. After reading this book, you will become a certified leader. Read it then contact me. I guarantee it!


Comes With Ancillaries!
The author has prepared a forty-five page workbook for professors, trainers, and readers of the Level UP Leadership book who adopt this book. This book gives you ample access to this workbook and since it is readily available, anyone can access the workbook. Adopting this book is a great option because the ancillary material that BEP will send adopters provides both depth and breadth of leadership development. This workbook will help readers with delving deeper into the leadership competencies mentioned in the Level Up Leadership book.

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May 03, 2020

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