Leadership Insights: 11 Typical Mistakes Young Leaders Make and Tips to Avoid Them


Leading ones first team can be a daunting and sometimes over- whelming experience, requiring self-reflection, self-discipline, communication, and organizational skills as well as no small amount of guts and values. This book provides young leaders or future high-potentials the guidance needed for how to deal with the challenges of leading teams in modern organizations.
Understanding the power of strengths-based leadership using clear two-way communication and, in particular, identifying with one’s own leadership philosophy are central themes in this book. It highlights the typical mistakes made by first- time leaders and offers theoretical and practical advice to deal with the difficulties of management.


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Matt L. Beadle

Matt L. Beadle is a British and German strengths mentor, management consultant, and facilitator who specializes in leadership development and strengths orientated leadership for young and new managers…

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December 30, 2018





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