Lead Then Learn: Powering Project Teams with Collaboration


Whether you are a Project Manager just starting your career or a seasoned expert trying to introduce more collaboration into your organization, this book is for you!

This practical guide is full of collaboration templates and techniques for every type of project at any stage. It will give you ways to reduce the chaos of a startup and improve your project team’s morale.

Starting with project initiation, moving through planning, executing, and ultimately closing, and reflecting on the project are all covered. Each phase is supplemented with ways to gather input from your team, and continuously improve project processes in your organization all while ensuring your project meets expectations.

All these tools and techniques are tailored to be used with Miro – the leading collaboration tool available. That said they can be used in any collaboration setting. You can utilize these techniques wherever you are in your project by jumping into the appropriate phase or by what appeals to you and your team.

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About the Author(s)

Annie MacLeod

Annie MacLeod has a real passion for collaboration having had opportunities to work in truly amazing teams. She began her Project Management career in the tech sector and started her own consulting firm over 25 years ago.

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April 8, 2024





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