Lead Self First Before Leading Others: A Life Planning Resource


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At the core of exceptional leadership is the ability to lead self. Some level of proficiency can be demonstrated by simply focusing on leading others. But to achieve transformational results, leading self is essential. Cultivating self-awareness and developing a life plan are key elements of leading self. And really, should not leaders demonstrate a level of self-mastery
before leading others?
It is time that leaders move to a deeper understanding of themselves as they operate within a world of accelerated change and increasing complexity. Although leadership performance is evidenced in outward results, decisions, and actions, the genesis of the leadership performance is an internal endeavor. Resiliency and ethical behavior are grounded by having a strong sense of purpose, established vision, and clear operating values. To the degree that the leader is consciously leading self, the quality of his or her leadership corresponds. Be it for good or evil, conscious leadership is powerful. This book makes plain the case for enhanced self-awareness, provides case studies and research support, presents the voices of several master leadership coaches, and most importantly … leads the reader through the life planning process.


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Stephen Hacker

Stephen Hacker is a founding partner and CEO of Transformation Systems International, LLC. He has consulted organizations throughout the world and has authored several books. His passions are deliveri…

Marvin Washington

Marvin Washington, PhD, is an Associate Professor at The University of Alberta and is the past president of the Performance Center. He graduated from the Organization Behavior department and Sociology…

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