International Operations: How Multiple International Environments Impact Productivity and Location Decisions


The ideal scenario for a company that wishes to expand its reach internationally is to design its operations and supply chain so that they need not vary, regardless of the venue in which they are implemented. But companies that wish to ‘go global’ cannot do so without the approval and cooperation of the governments of the countries in which they hope to expand. Consequently, companies are often forced to depart from a single system approach and make adjustments according to the regulations of each country in which they do business. This book examines the complexity of international operations: the opportunities as well as pitfalls companies face when attempting to implement their operations on a multi-national scale. The book focuses on and provides coverage from the shop floor level, but the concepts discussed and examined are done so with regular reference to a broader company perspective. Various theories and examples are introduced to describe forms of internationalization processes; and the influence of both national and local environments on operations is strongly emphasized. Readers of this book representing companies considering ‘going global’ will learn about the obstacles to success they need to avoid; readers representing governments will learn what they can do and avoid doing in order attract foreign companies and investment.

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Harm-Jan Steenhuis

Harm-Jan Steenhuis is a professor of management, international business in the college of business at Hawai’i Pacific University. He previously worked at Eastern Washington Univer…

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December 8, 2014





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