Innovative Business Development: Implementing Transformation from Within


Integrating innovation successfully is a common challenge for businesses, but one that many struggle to overcome.

This book provides not only an understanding of why this happens but actionable steps to overcome it. Offering practical solutions and a fresh perspective, the book illustrates the correlation between innovation and business development and shows how they can complement each other to create a successful business strategy.

From identifying relevant problems to scouting for the right technology and building a meaningful network of partners, this book covers a wide range of topics. It is therefore ideal for a diverse range of professionals, including new entrepreneurs who want to understand how large corporations behave, novice business development, and innovation managers who want to learn best practices and effectively navigate their roles, and experienced professionals who are looking for a structured approach to incorporate innovation.

In particular, this book is perfect for executives who wish to become more innovative but are unsure how to do so effectively or that have tried and failed in the past. Regardless of experience level, this book offers practical guidance and a fresh perspective for taking innovation to the next level and driving it to successful execution.


About the Author(s)

Yaron Flint

Yaron Flint is an accomplished business development and innovation expert with nearly two decades of experience in global consulting firms, private equity companies, and leading operational roles in multinational corporations worldwide.

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August 29, 2024





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