Innoliteracy™: From Design Thinking to Tangible Change


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Innoliteracy: From Design Thinking to Tangible Change encourages you to allocate resources in the earliest phases of your next development or change project—to the fuzzy front end, where the problem is unveiled and understood, scoped, defined, and challenged, and where the roadmap for how to introduce something new or replace something existing with something better is drawn. The book is based on a series of reflections, experiences, observations, and anecdotes as well as a guide to a better development process, referring to examples, case studies, and existing literature and research. Innoliteracy is for anyone who is engaged in—or even just curious about—change and development processes, especially how they are made more stakeholder- focused, thoroughly framed and reframed, and how one makes sure that the most relevant and imminent problem is addressed.


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Steinar Valade-Amland

Steinar Valade-Amland has acted as an independent consultant through his own set-up, THREE POINT ZERO, working for a wide range of private sector companies, NGOs and public sector organizations, since…

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February 18, 2018





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