Improving Executive Sponsorship of Projects: A Holistic Approach


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Check out this great book review by the PM World Journal! You can find it live on the PMWJ website at, posted on the PM World Library (PMWL) home page at and on the BEP page in the PMWL at ! This book addresses gaps in current project management literature. From a senior management perspective, the gap is the lack of resources explaining why and how to establish a program to improve executive sponsorship strategically across an organization. From a tactical perspective, the gap is a scarcity of actionable materials to clarify roles, responsibilities, expected behaviors, and identify support necessary for improving sponsor effectiveness. Improving Executive Sponsorship of Projects identifies key factors to consider before creating an executive sponsorship improvement program or enhancing an existing one. The authors explain why executive sponsorship is important to an organization, how an organization’s culture influences the effectiveness of the sponsor role, and why project management standards are critical to success. They explore what roles, responsibilities, and behavior should be considered and how to determine whether the person in the sponsor role is the right person and prepared to do the job. Finally, it provides a process, with tools, to assess an organization’s readiness to implement an executive sponsorship program, develop a plan for improvement, and monitor the progress of a program once it has begun.

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Dawne E. Chandler

Dawne Chandler, PhD, PMP®, is a management consultant with 35+ years of blended academic and corporate experience. She held a core faculty and the project management profession lead position at Capell…

Payson Hall

Payson Hall, PMP®, is a consulting project manager for Catalysis Group, Inc. in Sacramento, California. Formally trained as a software engineer (B.S. Computer Science), his early career included both…

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December 13, 2016





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