How To Be A Better Deal-Closer: The 7Ps of Successful Deal-Closing


Some recent ‘Five Star’ reviews for this new book!
Simply effective … Simon’s 7Ps of Successful Deal Closing from his extensive international experience and insights … works. 1 Process, 7 Principles + Personalize into your Style = Authentic Success. — Gill Carrie, MD,
I found this book very helpful in all areas of strategic deal-making and gave me some new insights that I hadn’t thought of which I shall use in Sales. — Jason Cooper, Mind Coach, Sales Coach and Sales Director.
Simon’s book provides a concise, easy-to-follow overview of key issues for any organisation committed to excellence at deal-making and for any professional or expert who would like to become more effective as a deal-closer. — Sean Weafer Speaker, Coach and Creator of The High Trust Influence Program Series.
Deals are pivotal to business growth and are being struck all the time. You won’t succeed in business without striking deals. Deal-closing is not limited to CEOs. To varying degrees and at different times, we all strike deals in business. Every person or organization engages in deal- closing at some point.
This book provides valuable and accessible insight into the key elements required to ensure successful deal- closing. It is written in an easy to read, no-nonsense style, and is easily accessible to those who are not proficient in deal-closing. The chapters include real-life stories and insights from a wide spectrum of the author’s connections and experiences.


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Simon Haigh

Simon Haigh is a lawyer, international businessman, investor, company director, corporate consultant, presenter and professional mentor. Simon has 25 years of international C-Suite legal, strategic, s…

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November 22, 2021





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