How the Information Revolution Remade Business and the Economy: A Roadmap for Progress of the Semiconductor Industry


“Mr. Apek Mulay has done it again. In his latest book, How the Information Revolution remade Business, and the Economy, he details the tremendous beneficial effect that Moore’s Law has had on the development of technology and then offers ways to keep these developments going far into the future. Ever since 2008 the global economy has stagnated and some are worried that the return on investment is no longer sufficient to justify Moore related research. However, Mr. Mulay shows how investment return can be raised to continue the new research that will cure mass poverty. This new book is based on solid analysis and does invaluable service to society.”—Dr. Ravi Batra, Professor of Economics, SMU, Dallas, TX
Tremendous technological progress in the last half century has exponentially grown productivity as well as increased automation to reduce the costs of operation for businesses. On one hand, ever-growing productivity has reduced requirements for manual labor through automation. But, on other hand, huge unemployment created from reduction of workforce due to automation, has reduced the consumer purchasing power and is indirectly hurting the Return on Investments (RoI). This brings any further progress of technology to a standstill.
For technology to progress both supply and demand have to grow. The supply comes from productivity of workforce and demand comes from their wages. Hence, free markets must ensure that wages automatically catch up with ever-growing productivity, with minimal government intervention. To avoid automation from destroying jobs in an economy, free markets should ensure that working hours of workforce be reduced during the waning phase of economy and increased during its waxing phase.
Apek Mulay has written three books, and we believe his other two are perfect companions with his book from BEP. Read more about them below.
The first title addresses the broader problems in the US Economy. It analyzes the crisis of Capitalism and shows how free market capitalism is the need of hour for US Economy. Besides analyzing the supply chains, trade policies, business models and other macroeconomic parameters which have caused a crisis of Capitalism, the first book also offers solutions towards revival of the US economy by showing semiconductor industry as a model for this process.
The second book focuses purely on sustaining the progress of Moore’s law which has driven growth of US semiconductor industry for last half century and resulted into 3rd industrial revolution in US economy called as digital revolution. It addresses the solutions to near term progress of the industry and offers a free market approach towards sustaining the progress of Moore’s law, which most industry analysts believe is nearing demise.
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Apek Mulay is founder of Mulay’s Consultancy Services and an entrepreneur with WFG. He authored several books such as Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival (2014), Sustaining…

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