Hispanic-Latino Entrepreneurship: Viewpoints of Practitioners


Academy of Global Business Advancement 2015 book award winner.

The Hispanic–Latino community is large, expanding, and an important contributor to the U.S. economy. Numbering over 50 million, Hispanic–Latinos currently represent about 16% of the population. Hispanic– Latinos engage in a diversity of jobs that help keep the American economic engine running. The practice of entrepreneurship has been on the rise with over 2.3 million businesses in the United States categorized as Hispanic owned, generating over $345 billion in sales. This book examines the entrepreneurial mindset of Hispanic– Latinos in the United States. With limited literature on the subject, the authors created a pioneering book that captures the viewpoints of real-life Hispanic–Latino entrepreneurs. Using a 15-item questionnaire, the authors obtained information on entrepreneurial intent, goals, and business strategies utilized. This book highlights real world business experiences, including challenges relating to entrepreneurial pursuits, and the importance of hardwork, discipline, and a positive mindset in the success of an enterprise.


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J. Mark Munoz

J. Mark Munoz is a professor of management at Millikin University and former visiting fellow at the School of Government at Harvard University. He is a recipient of several awards including four Best …

Michelle Ingram Spain

Dr. Michelle Ingram Spain is the director of the Deville School of Business Collaboration Center Scholar in Residence and associate professor at the Walsh University Deville School of Business, North …

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December 5, 2014





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