Hidden Challenges: Human Dynamics in Organizational Change and Recovery


A new lens is offered that sheds light on hidden challenges in periods of organizational change and reveals them in a creative and constructive way. This approach supports a better-informed diagnosis of the pain in the organization when change takes place.–Claudia Zarate, Managing Director, Consumer Products Coverage, BNP Paribas

Going far beyond a purely rational-structural way of looking at change in organizations, this book contributes well researched insights into often-overlooked organizational blind spots.

The authors share their own experiences in clear and accessible language, exploring recovery from cumulative crises; nostalgia and postalgia; victimization of leaders; dealing with narcissistic leaders; and a writing process for reducing anxiety through self-reflection.

Anyone who works in an organization—large or small—will gain new perspectives on the most difficult challenge of all: understanding human behavior in times of change.


About the Author(s)

Elizabeth Florent Treacy

Elizabeth Florent Treacy is from California but has lived more than half her life in France. She has been teaching and conducting research in the area of organizational behavior for many years,…

Theo van Iperen

Theo van Iperen has been a management consultant for over 25 years and mainly concerned with empowering the workforce of organizations in bringing their competencies to full growth.

James Hennessy

James Hennessy is a Senior Vice President in the Supervision Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Since 2014, he has led the New York Fed’s Governance and Culture Reform Initiative. J…

Fernanda Pomin

Fernanda Pomin is the owner of Verità Desenvolvimento Organizacional, which is a company focused on Leadership & Talent Development and Culture Transformation. Fernanda has her MBA in Human Res…

Ross Emerson

Ross Emerson is a consultant and executive coach with over 30-years of business experience drawing from international roles. In addition to his own private coaching business serving clients aro…

Ricardo Senerman

Ricardo Senerman is the founder of DEEP Consulting, a company devoted to putting people and organizations in a track of accelerated growth by applying a mix of psychodynamic tools and interacti…

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October 10, 2022





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