Elizabeth Florent Treacy

Elizabeth Florent Treacy is from California but has lived more than half her life in France. She has been teaching and conducting research in the area of organizational behavior for many years, with a particular focus on leadership development, and entrepreneurship and family business. Her current research is on the creation of experiential learning spaces within executive education. Elizabeth is a Senior Lecturer at INSEAD, and Thesis Director for INSEAD’s Executive Master in Change degree program. In addition, she has authored or co-authored eight books and dozens of published articles. She has won five top prizes for educational business cases used in MBA programs around the world. She is a Coaching Supervisor, trained and certified by the Tavistock Institute, London. She has facilitated countless executive group coaching days for a wide range of international clients. Above all, she has learned to value life lessons, and to treat the experience of being human as a foundation of her work.

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