Emerging FinTech: Understanding and Maximizing Their Benefits


A great read. A good summary of the challenges of implementing emerging technology.–Andy Kowalski MRSC MIScT FCMI, Freelance Consultant

A compelling guide to the latest FinTech trends.–Kevin Sloane, Financial Services Specialist

Financial Services and Technology (FinTech) have collaborated for decades with mutual benefit, and it is not unreasonable to expect this co-operation to continue, especially with the development of emerging technologies.

However, both industries are facing challenges. Financial Services suffer from regulation, client, and risk pressures. Emerging technologies suffer from their inherent complexity and implementation challenges.

It is imperative that Financial Services’ firms understand emerging technologies to ensure they are implemented effectively to support both current business and future challenges.

This book takes a pragmatic and critical review of Emerging Technologies exploring

  • What the technologies are?
  • How they can be used?
  • How they can be implemented pragmatically?
  • How they could help address future challenges?

This book provides an overview of emerging technologies within Financial Services to allow firms to understand their real benefits and how to pragmatically implement them for maximum benefit.


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Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor is a consultant with nearly 34 years’ experience across the financial services, oil/gas, charities, technology, education and professional bodies industries with specific disciplina…

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May 12, 2022





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